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War Against The Ticks

Updated: Jun 6, 2018

Summer is now upon us and you want to spend time outdoors, BBQ’s in the backyard with a cold beverage has been on your mind all winter long. With such a short summer and uncertain Canadian weather the last thing you want to worry about on a sunny day is the annoyance of disease carrying pests.

With Lime disease on the rise in Ottawa and many parts of Ontario, many residents are opting for the safety of the indoors missing out on so many adventure opportunities.

The Culprits are small poppy seed sized insects. Ticks and mosquitoes have been viciously trying to ruin our fun but thankfully we have ways to defeat them.

Here are a few tips to prevent Tick Bites:

  • Cover up as best you can, the less your skin is exposed the less you look like a tick feast. Wearing light colored clothing is also helpful as it can help you spot the pest and remove it.

  • Use Repellants, repellants such DEET are effective but you can also opt for equally effective natural repellants if chemicals aren’t your thing. Click Here for Natural Repellants recipes.

  • Check yourself, Ticks can be as small as poppy seeds and love to hide in dark and hard to see crevices such as arm pits, behind the knees, behind the ears, the scalp and inside your belly button. However, they do not discriminate and would gladly bite any other areas of the body so a thorough search is never a bad idea. If you have someone to help you, even Better!

  • Showering within two hours of coming indoors is recommended, specially if you were in a wooded area or walking through tall grasses.

  • Check your pets, Pets can also get Lyme disease and can carry the tick into your home. You can also give them tick preventing medicine or opt for natural solutions. Click Here to read our awesome natural repellant recipes for your dog.

  • Washing and Drying. Seems like common sense but sometimes laundry can’t be done every day (cough cough GUILTY!). If you spent all day outdoors, washing and drying at high heat will kill any possible tick waiting to make his move.

Tick and Mosquito control Services.

USE THEM!! They are a great ally to keep you outside. We at MCD Contracting Inc. are working alongside a Natural Tick and Mosquito repellant provider to help you win the fight! Stay tuned for more details. I can divulge however that it is safe for the bees, the environment and most importantly your loved ones and pets.

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OH No You Got Bit!! Now What?

  • First off- don’t panic, should the tick be Lyme disease infected it doesn’t mean your infected right away. Removal of the tick within 24 to 36 hours after bite usually prevents infections.

  • · Not all ticks carry Lyme disease. Blacklegged Ticks are usually the ones that carry the bacteria.

  • Remove the tick immediately. Since these buggers burrow their heads almost cowardly into your skin, ensure that you remove the entire tick. Buying a tick removal kits would be a handy tool to keep around the house but a good pair of sanitized tweezers would also do the trick

  • Get as close to the head of the Tick as possible and slowly pull it straight out. Try not to twist or squish it. If you can’t remove it, go to your health care provider right away. If the mouth part breaks off try to remove it as best you can.

  • Wash the bite with soap and water, then get your vodka or tequila and make yourself a drink because you deserve it after such an ordeal. Use a little bit of it to sanitize the area. ORRR... you can also just use alcohol hand sanitizer to sanitize the area to avoid judgement.

  • Save the tick in a small plastic bag or container that comes with the tick removal kit. Then Look at the tick straight in the eyes and say “Not Today Tick… Not Today”

  • Contact your health care provider and bring the tick with you. Ensure that you have written the date and time of the bite, this will be important information to give to your Doctor.

  • Once all cleared, you can kill the tick and dispose of it if not dead already. Do not squish them with your fingers. Death sentence methods recommended are drowning in alcohol, sprayed with repellant or freeze for a couple of hours. I swear I did not come up with this…

  • DO NOT remove ticks by burning them or using nail polish.

Early Symptoms Of Lyme Disease

Early Symptoms usually appear after 3 to 30 days after infected bite. If any of these appear consult your health care provider immediately.

  • The Bull Eye Rash

  • Fatigue

  • Fever

  • Chills

  • Muscle and Joint pain

  • Swollen lymph nodes

  • Headache

Lyme disease left untreated can cause severe damage to your physical and neurological health including:

  • Facial paralysis

  • Arthritis with severe joint pain

  • Neurological disorders such as confusion, dizziness, inflammation of the brain, nerve pain

  • Heart Disorders

  • Skin Rashes

  • In rare cases Death

I feel like I have declared a personal war against these unholy, fun killing, disease bringing blood sucking creatures. Truth is, as an Ottawa and proud resident who waits patiently for the sun to shine and the days to get warm, nothing makes me feel worse than knowing that in my own backyard lurks something capable of making me or a loved one sick. Kids and adults alike need the outdoors and with the right amount of prevention and knowledge we can win this War against the Ticks.

Have a safe and fun summer! from your friends at MCD Contacting Inc.

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