Water is the most important element to all living things—your lawn is no exception. 

Here is what you need to do to secure our guarantee:


Water your lawn immediately after installation and follow our 3-week watering and mowing calendar. Water sufficiently until the soil under the middle of the sod roll is wet. You can verify by lifting a corner of the roll, go ahead take a peek.

The First 8 Days ! 

The first eight days after installation, your new lawn will require plenty of water. After 8 days, you may begin reducing the amount of irrigation frequency to encourage deep, healthy rooting. 

How Long Should You Water?  


The general time needed varies on the weather and your sprinkler system. A good rule to follow is about 1-2 inches of water (2-3 hours). You can use a water gauge or a simple tuna can in the middle of your lawn to measure the amount. 


Giving your lawn a good time to grow until the first trim is very important. You can begin to mow it once it has reached a growth of 4 inches, maximum 5 inches. Most new lawns will require mowing around 8-13 days after installation. Ensure grass is dry, mid-afternoon mowing is typically best. 

Don’t worry about the clippings, leaving them behind will provide a good Nitrogen boost and they will decompose quickly. Water your lawn immediately after mowing.

Long Term Aftercare & Maintenance
New or existing, enjoy your luscious green lawn for years to come. 

Mower Adjustment

Set your mower’s height to the maximum for the first few cuts. Do not mow shorter than 3 inches.  As time passes and your lawn settles, you may gradually lower the setting.  Keep your mower blades sharp and clean.


Fertilizing your lawn is very important to grass health. It provides the nutrients to outgrow weeds. Timing is of the essence; in the fall, the turf has stopped growing above the soil, but the roots are still active. Follow-up with late May, early June fertilization. 



Aeration alleviates compacted soil and provides a better flow of water, air and vital nutrients. This produces deeper roots and healthier grass.


This practice is simply spreading grass seed over an existing lawn. Overseeding lawns in the fall reduces or eliminates competition from summer weedy grasses, such as crabgrass, foxtails, and other weeds.

Raking/ Dethatching

Take out your rakes and welcome Spring with some good old outdoor fun! Okay—maybe not the funnest activity—
however raking is an important task to control thatch (dead grass) and to stimulate grass roots.


Prefer to spend your time with
loved ones or doing anything but
lawn care? Give us a call for a free quote on long term lawn maintenance.  
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